Making a release

This is a guide on how to make a release of scanpy for maintainers.

Checking that PyPI will accept it

Sometimes PyPI will reject a build. You can locally check whether the build is acceptable with twine check.

# First, make a build
python -m build

# Now check that build
twine check dist/*  # Assuming dist is otherwise empty

Actually making release

First, make sure you’re working repository is clean and is on the commit you’d like to release from. Then follow these steps:

# Tag the commit with version info
git tag {version}  # where version is a version number like "1.7.0"

# Clear out old distributions
rm -r dist

# Build distributions and wheel
python -m build
# you can check that the previous step worked by installing from it's results
# e.g. pip install dist/scanpy-{version}-py3-none-any.whl

# Once you're confident the build looks good, push the tag to github
git push upstream {version}

# Upload wheel and code distribution to pypi
twine upload dist/scanpy-{version}

Checking the distributions

If you’re feeling cautious, you can:

  • List the contents of a wheel with: unzip -l dist/*.whl

  • Make a release candidate. Tag these with {version}rc1 (e.g. 1.7.0rc1)

  • Upload them to <> (tutorial)

After making a release

After a major or minor release has been made:

  • Tweet about it! Announce it on Zulip! Announce it on Discourse! Think about making a bot for this! Maybe actually do that?

  • Create a new release notes file for the next minor release. This should only be added to the dev branch.

  • Tag the development branch. If you just released 1.7.0, this would be 1.8.0.dev0.

  • Create a new branch for this release series, like 1.7.x. This should get a new release notes file.

After any release has been made:

  • Create a new release notes file for the next bugfix release. This should be included in both dev and stable branches

  • Create a milestone for the next release(s). For bugfix releases, this should have on-merge: backport to 0.8.x so meeseeksdev bot will create a backport PR. See Versioning for more info.