, basis=None, edges=False, color=None, alpha=None, groups=None, components=None, projection='2d', legend_loc='on data', legend_fontsize=None, legend_fontweight='bold', color_map=None, palette=None, frameon=False, size=None, title=None, right_margin=None, left_margin=0.05, show=None, save=None, title_graph=None, groups_graph=None, **paga_graph_params)

Scatter and PAGA graph side-by-side.

Consists in a scatter plot and the abstracted graph. See paga() for all related parameters.

See paga_path() for visualizing gene changes along paths through the abstracted graph.

Additional parameters are as follows.

adata : AnnData

Annotated data matrix.

kwds_scatter : dict

Keywords for scatter().

kwds_paga : dict

Keywords for paga().


A list of matplotlib.axes.Axes if show is False.