, components=None, include_lowest=True, show=None, save=None)

Rank genes according to contributions to PCs.

adata : AnnDataAnnData

Annotated data matrix.

components : str, Sequence[int], NoneUnion[str, Sequence[int], None] (default: None)

For example, '1,2,3' means [1, 2, 3], first, second, third principal component.

include_lowest : boolbool (default: True)

Show the genes with both highest and lowest loadings.

show : bool, NoneOptional[bool] (default: None)

Show the plot, do not return axis.

save : str, bool, NoneUnion[str, bool, None] (default: None)

If True or a str, save the figure. A string is appended to the default filename. Infer the filetype if ending on {'.pdf', '.png', '.svg'}.